Why Choose Main Street Coin Laundry? 
We are the Cleanest Laundromat in Dunedin Florida.

The Store is Cleaned Every Day, Washers & Dryers are Checked

We have Soap, Soda, & Arcade Vending machines.
Change machine accepts $1, $5, $10, & $20 dollar bills.
We have plenty of Carts & Folding Tables for your Laundry.

Do your Laundry at Main Street Coin Laundromat for the First Time
& Request a Free Laundry Bag. No Old Machines, Newer Washers.
No coin slides, all machines have electronic coin drops.

We Have Plenty Of Huge Family Size Washers.

4 - Single Load Top Load Washers
4 - Double Load 20Lb Washers
4 - 2-1/2 Load 25Lb Washers
3 - Triple Load 30Lb Washers
1 - Four Load 40Lb Washer
3 - Five Load 50lb Washers 
2 - Extra Large 50Lb Dryers
12 - Large Capacity 30Lb Dryers

Bright, Clean, & Safe.

24Hr Video Surveillance System For Your Safety.
Phone Number Posted In Store For Any Machine Problems Or An Emergency.
Refunds Handled Promptly If Washer Or Dryer Malfunctions After Testing Machine.
Plenty Of Parking In Front, 
Also On The Left & Right Side's Of The Building.

Main Street Coin Laundromat
1340 Main Street 
Dunedin Florida 34698
Dunedin Laundromat 
24HRS  7 Days  A  Week

Lavanderia Automatica
Don't Fill Top Load Washers This Full, your clothes will Not get Clean if you do.